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Reversing Brake System

  • Reversing Brake System
  • Reversing Brake System
  • Reversing Brake System
Reversing Brake SystemReversing Brake SystemReversing Brake System

Reversing Brake System

  • XY-5688
  • Product description: Reversing Brake System
Color Black
Power consumption:<6W
Max display distance:2.5 meters
Alarm sound:≥ 50dB
Operating temperature:-40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
Braking Distance: 0.7m -1.3m
Alarm distance:≤ 1.5 meters

Main function When the car reversing, the system will automatically stop after sensing the people,wall,bulding and so on.

factory private model reverse automatic brake system compatible with original car parking sensor system

1. Installation is simple,it never damage to original car brake system

2. system gets power when the gear is on the parking position,cut power when gear exits parking position

3. Product is compatiable with aftermarket car DVD and camera

4. Human voice remind and alarm with real distance alert and display

5. auto brake action in the danger area without pressing the brake

6. auto brake distance 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3m can be adjusted by switch

7. auto brake function can be disabled by turn on direction light

8. parking sensor alarm distance range:0.3-1.5m

9. Recommend parking speed is less than 3km/h

10. sensor sensitivity can be adjusted by switch
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