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Stand car monitor

  • 4.3 inch car LCD monitor
  • 4.3 inch car LCD monitor
4.3 inch car LCD monitor4.3 inch car LCD monitor

4.3 inch car LCD monitor

  • Product ID:XY-2036
  • Product description: 4.3 inch car LCD monitor

4.3 inch car LCD monitor

4.3 inch stand car monitor for car camera (XY-2036)
Support 12V~24V DC voltage.
High resolusion TFT best for car camera.
Super Slim TFT LCD monitor screen never obstruct the view of car front.
Monitor brightness adjustable.
2 channels video input,good for DVD monitor.
Auto turn to rear camera image when reversing.
Auto turn on when there is a AV signal.
Auto turn off,when no signal.

Seeing the reverse image of the rear camera vividly when reversing.
Can be connect with car front view camera.

Display size:4.3 inches TFT(16:9 digital)
Auto PAL/NTSC format switching
Power suplly:DC 6V~32V DC
Power consumption: less than 2.5W
Screen size:96*54mm
Anti-shock: 5 levels
Power protection:positive and negative protection

Great for car front and rear view.

Helps in preventing accidents while driving in reverse by avoiding children, traffic, pedestrians, toys and pets while backing out of the driveway or parking space.

Fit for all CCTV camera,car Reversing camera,car DVD player

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