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DFM and Adas system

  • Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01
  • Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01
  • Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01
Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01

Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01

  • Product description: Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) XY-DA01

Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM)

Product introduction

The fatigue driving warning system is a driving assistance warning product based on machine vision technology. The device provides a real-time warning of the driver's fatigue status by analyzing the driver's facial features.

Standard parts list

Product List

Device host 1

Power adapter 1

Manual 1

Please check the actual contents in the box carefully. If there is any missing, please contact the sales agent as soon as possible.

Before installing and using the product, please read this Manual carefully to understand the correct installation and use.

Operation details and related precautions.

Product appearance and interface description


2. Warning indicator

3. Power indicator

4. Speaker sound hole

5. USB power interface

Product specifications:--------------------------------- Normal working range:

Equipment supply voltage (V) ------------------ 4.75 ~ 5.25

Equipment current (A)--------------------------0.4~0.5

Adapter (car charger) input voltage ----------9~30

Adapter (car charger) current: 1A

Appearance size (mm): 88*88*48mm

Push button switch: none

Gesture switch: V-shaped gesture: turn off the sound Palm: Turn on the sound

LED indicator: Red: Warning indicator Green: Power indicator

Power connector: Micro-USB

Working temperature (°C): -20~70

Main features:

Work day and night, gesture convenient switch

LED status indicator camera angle adjustable

Non-contact fatigue warning

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